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Swimming Pools and Hot tubs

We at Bespoke Builders are amongst other things, swimming pool installers and specialists in providing all types of swimming pools, exercise pools, hydrotherapy pools, spa pools, saunas, steam rooms, spa and wellness facilities, plus related products to a broad range of commercial and residential customers.

Building a pool is a major specialist undertaking and requires expert assistance from the outset; That is why we take careful planning and construction giving you a quality assured design, supply and installation service tailored to match individual requirements, and so helping you are to reap the rewards of your investment.

Not only do we design and construct we handle all necessary pool plant and filtration, heating and heat recovery/dehumidification plant using only accredited products from the industry’s leading manufacturers.

Planning permission is unlikely to be required unless you opt for an enclosed pool, or live in a listed building or conservation area, but don't worry we can investigate this on your behalf with your local planning department all part of the service.

All of the above are installed following the production of design calculations by qualified structural engineers.

Swimming Pool Design is about creating harmony between function and aesthetics. Not only do you want the pool to be energy efficient and easy to maintain but we also believe it is essential that your pool looks incredible even when not in use and should be a positive feature of the property. 

Our knowledge, expertise and commitment means each pool is a unique statement of its owner; whether its purpose is to help you to keep fit, to keep the young and young at heart happy, or simply your own personal utopia, you can be sure our knowledge and experience means your pool will be distinctive in its own right.

New Innovations such as moving floors, booms to separate indoor and outdoor pools, fibre optic lighting and different types of materials used to line a swimming pool the possibilities are now endless.


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